One-Ball Rule

The one ball rule in golf means you have to play with the same type and brand of golf ball you started the round with.  Under this rule you are not allowed to tee off with a Titleist NXT and switch to a Pro V1 when you reach the green to putt.  I remember playing in scrambles as a kid and hitting top flights off the tee and putting with the old tour balata golf ball. This was great because the top flight went farther and the balata was soft to putt with.

As I write this I'm on a flight to Arizona to tee it up for a few days at whisper rock golf club.  Desert golf isn't my favorite, mainly because I have trouble with my tee ball and tend to hit shots into the desert.  I'm a work in progress and getting better, but always challenged on these types of courses.

So what if I get to the first tee and put only one ball in my bag?  Do you think I would focus better? Do you think I would way the risk of certain shots over water? What about going for the green on the par five with out of bounds near green?  The answer is yes I would definitely change my strategy and the way I play the golf course.

When Tiger Woods was leading the U.S Open at Pebble Beach he hit a ball in the ocean on the 18th hole. He asked his caddy for another ball, but had no idea this was the only ball left in his bag.  His caddie knew this and asked Tiger to hit a different club to insure he put the ball in play.  Tiger disagreed and ripped driver down the fairway and went on to win the U.S. Open the next day.

Fast forward a month later and Tiger Woods is playing in the British Open. He and his caddy have a discussion about what club he should hit with Tiger disagreeing again. As they walked down the fairway Tiger asked his caddy why he wanted him to hit another club the previous months the U.S. Open after he hit his ball in the ocean...His caddy then told him he only had one ball left in his bag that day because he had given a couple of balls away before the round and the bag hadn't been restocked before they teed off.  This would have been one of the biggest caddy disasters ever if Tiger hits that second ball in the water, but he didn't and won by a record margin.

Now here is your one ball challenge!  The next round of golf you play only bring one ball to the first tee.  See how your mindset changes knowing you only have one ball.  If you can finish the round with only one golf ball you've played well and you've taken a strategic approach to each hole.  I tried this a few weeks ago and hit an errant tee shot on the twelfth hole losing my only ball.  Having to ask one of your members for a golf ball to finish your round is embarrassing especially when you are on Titleist’s staff and get golf balls for free.

My flight is just about over and I'll be teeing it up very soon.  I'm going to try the one ball challenge today and hope I don't have to repay my members with a couple of sleeves of golf balls after the round!
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