What's the Course Record?

It was a Monday at Lakeview Golf Course in Ardmore, Oklahoma when this question was asked to my fellow competitors.

My round had started with an eagle on the first hole followed by a birdie on the second.  Sitting at three under par after two holes it seemed appropriate to ask what the lowest score ever shot at Lakeview.  This was absolutely putting the cart before the horse so to speak!

My mind had already gone four hours ahead with rainbows and lollipops floating through my head as my scorecard would have the lowest recorded score on this golf course.  You hear PGA Tour players talk all the time about staying in the present and not thinking ahead.

This day my mind and cockiness had failed miserably at staying in the present.  The only shot that matters is the shot you are about to play.  It doesn’t matter what you did on the last hole or the next hole.  Golf requires focus and the best players in the world do this better than anyone.  They are not thinking about course records if they are three under through two holes.  PGA Tour players stay focused on the shot they are playing at that moment.

The next time you have an incredible start to your round make sure and stay in the present and do not allow yourself to think ahead. 

P.S.  My score that day was 80!
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