The Halftime Adjustment -- By Chris Rowe

Not too long ago there was a game played at Cowboy Stadium, which I attended.  The Sooners of Oklahoma faced Johnny Football and the Texas Aggies.  If you didnít already know, Iím a huge OU fan and really need to keep that on the down low living in Texas.  I grew up in Oklahoma and quietly, okay not so quietly, root for the Sooners every game.  I also need to make this crystal clear!  I am not a Texas hater or Texas A&M hater.  There is nothing like college football and there is no better college player than Johnny Football.  Iíve been to the National Championship and watched Tim Tebow take over the game and win in the second half.  Now, Iím getting to write about another incredible Quarterback beating my team in the second half.

One of my members called me the night the game was announced and asked me if I wanted to go to the Cotton Bowl.  This was a silly question because it was supposed to be the best game of the bowl season.  The one catch to the ticket was the amount of Aggies I would be seated with.  Yes, my Dad and son were the only other Sooner fans sitting with us.

The game started with tremendous energy and Iím still not sure what all the Aggies were chanting about, but knew they were louder than our fans.  The first half was a great half of football with Oklahoma leaving points on the field going into half time, but looked good.  I felt very confident and decided I needed to purchase a Cotton Bowl shirt commemorating a soon to be Sooner victory.

The second half got under way and the Aggies looked like the best team in the country.  This was bad news for my team and as all of you Aggie fans know you guys completely dominated us in the second half.  The coaches came up with great adjustments and figured out ways to stop our offense along with Johnny Football destroying our defense.  It was a very difficult half of football to watch and I made my way out of Cowboy Stadium before the game was over.  I did congratulate all the Aggies sitting with us and even gave them a GIG EM!

How many times have you had a great front nine and then completely unraveled on the back nine?  How many times have you played okay on the front nine, but found something on the back nine and had a great round?  We all have had both of these things happen to us if youíve played golf long enough.  Sometimes you have to make half time adjustments at the turn.  This might be something as simple as a pep talk to tell yourself youíre a better player than what you performed on the front nine.  It could also be as simple as going into the clubhouse to get a different kind of golf ball or ask the pro for a tip.  Whatever the adjustments the best players find a way to do this.  You seldom put to great nineís together so you will find yourself in these scenarios more often than not.

The next time youíve had an average front nine and need to put some Johnny Football into your game try to change your mindset, your brand of golf ball or get a quick tip from the pro in the golf shop.  Iím not sure what the A&M coaches told those players at halftime, but it worked.  When you get to the 10th tee tell yourself this is going to be the best nine holes of your life!  Give yourself a motivational pep talk and play the second half of your round Johnny Football style!

 P.S.  I still have a perfect, never worn Cotton Bowl T-Shirt in my drawer!

 -Chris Rowe 

Chris is ranked among the top teachers in the nation by Golf Magazine.  He was recently named the 2012 Harvey Penick Teacher of the Year in the Southern Texas PGA, an award he also won in 2007.  In 2009, he was named one of Americaís top teachers for kids by U.S. kids Golf. He started his career at Dornick Hills in Oklahoma before becoming an assistant at Colonial C.C. in Fort Worth.  Ten PGA Tour events and thousands of lessons later, Chris became head pro at Whispering Pines G.C. in Trinity, Texas.

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