Dear WP Family:

PXG is offering an amazing opportunity to order their merchandise with our logo and the PXG logo. We are extending this opportunity to our Members who have purchased PXG products through the club. This is a great chance to get some limited edition Whispering Pines Gear as well as some high quality PXG clothing to match your clubs.  Only members playing PXG can purchase merchndise with the WP logo.

Compliment the best equipment with the best logo in Texas.

For those of you who have not ordered any PXG clubs through us, we sell all of our equipment at our cost + 10%, and this will save you roughly 15-20% off of retail pricing. If you are in the market for PXG products then you will not find a better time to buy.

Please see the attached file for more information and when you are ready to place your apparel order, email Chris Rowe directly at

All the Best,
Whispering Pines Professional Staff

Click HERE for more details the PxG catalog.


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