October 29, 2021
Louis Theys, Team Belgium

Louis Theys will represent Team Belgium at the 2021 Spirit International!  We had the opportunity to talk with Louis and learn more about what inspires him, and what it means to represent his country in this extra special event.


The Spirit: What has been your biggest accomplishment representing Belgium in golf?

Louis: My biggest accomplishment is every time I’ve represented Belgium at an International event.

The Spirit: What made you decide to take your talents to Western Carolina?

Louis: After I played the Orange Bowl in Florida I decided to actually try to go to college in America to combine school and golf.

The Spirit: Who has been your biggest influence in the game of golf?

Louis: When I was younger, I have always looked up to my uncles. He was a great player during his junior career then decided to pass pro.

 The Spirit: What has been the highlight of your amateur golf career?

Louis: I posted two runner-up finish individuals last semester at Western Carolina. I think by far after this even at Whispering Pines, representing Belgium at the Spirit will be a big highlight.

 The Spirit: What was the feeling when you received the call that you would represent Belgium in the 2021 Spirit International Amateur Golf Championship?

Louis: At first, I remembered that The Spirit was kind of a big event and I immediately searched to confirm my thoughts. Then, I was really excited to know that I was playing at this great event. Since the day I have received that email I keep thinking and counting down the days until the event.

 The Spirit: How important is it for federations to continue to support amateur team competition?

Louis: I think it is really important to support amateur events, especially bigger ones. It allows players to know if they have the game and level to take the opportunities.