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The Spirit Golf Association 2021 Sponsorship Commitment

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Sponsorship Commitment Form
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The Spirit Golf Association is recognized by the IRS as a 501 (C) 3 Charitable Organization. If the sponsorship is used for business entertainment purposes, it may be eligible for 100% business expense deduction. Please refer to section 247 (L) in the IRS Tax Code. You should consult your tax advisor on the application of sponsorship purchases as tax deductions.
Terms and Conditions *
I represent that I have never been expelled from, denied membership or asked to resign from, or disciplined by any social club. Should I become a sponsor of the Association, I will comply with, be bound by and observe the House Rules and Operating Policies of Whispering Pines Golf Club, as they exist. I understand that all Sponsorships are owned individually and are not transferable. I understand that information about my family and me may be requested and obtained from various sources in connection with the sponsorship process. I fully authorize The Spirit Golf Association and Whispering Pines Golf Club and their representatives to make any inquiry or investigation that is deemed necessary or beneficial to the sponsorship process including criminal background checks. While members of the Association and Club intend that this information be kept confidential and used only for the consideration of my fitness for possible sponsorship, there is no guarantee that a disclosure of information will not occur. I waive any and all claims and damages of whatever kind or character arising from or relating to my proposal for sponsorship. I understand, should I be elected to sponsorship, I waive any and all claims to photographs and/or digital privileges. I represent that completion of this form does not confer any rights to my family or me to use Club facilities or membership privileges. I represent that the information provided herein is true and correct and that I will promptly notify the Association and Club should any of the information provided herein change or need to be amended. I understand that providing inaccurate information to the Association and/or Club is grounds for denial of admission or rescission of admission to sponsorship.