November 12 – 16, 2024


The 2024 Spirit International Amateur Golf Championship will continue the greatest amateur golf event at the treasured Whispering Pines Golf Club in Texas. The 11th championship will arrive with a strong history and celebrated alumni. The Spirit International Amateur Golf Championship remains the premier showcase for the world’s top amateurs.

The 2024 Spirit will be held November 12 – 16, 2024.  


The 2024 Spirit International Amateur Golf Championship is made possible through the generosity and support of our Sponsors.  For more information about becoming a Sponsor, please view our 2024 Sponsorship Opportunities Guide.


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Team Member/Captain Information

The qualifying national golf association/federation that is the official member of the International Golf Federation will be responsible for determining the four player team to represent their country at The 2024Spirit.

Each participating country team must be comprised of two amateur women players and two amateur men players. Each player must be an official citizen of their respective country.

The SGA strongly encourages player selection be based on National Championship results (National Champions and Finalists are preferred), year round rankings and/or international playing experience. The SGA is committed to showcasing the best amateur golfers in the world at The 2024 Spirit.

The SGA will be responsible for air travel, lodging, meals and ground transportation for the four player team representing each participating country.

All participating countries at The 2024 Spirit must have a designated team captain to represent their team. All tournament amenities (lodging/food) except airfare expense will be provided by the SGA for each team captain.